I need to lose fat fast!

That is what I always say this time of year. Summer is almost here and I am a bit chunky. I suspect, you are too if you are reading this. So, I am here to help.

Here is my secret recipe for losing fat fast:

  • Write out an exercise program you can handle (for me I am trying to run EVERY day for a week….it doesn’t matter how far….just as long as I go every day; then take two days off and do it again; take two days of and up the distances, etc)
  • Time your exercise before you eat every morning
  • Take a good supplement like Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP) before you work out
  • Avoid gluten and dairy for four weeks

I will elaborate more on each part of this simple plan. But, I guarantee you that if you do it, you will get fit and get fit fast!

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So you wrecked your car, what happens now?

If you are an active driver, and you own a car, you certainly love it. You clean your car, polish it regularly and if needed you repair it. Sometimes, we really take a long period to finally gather the money to buy a car that we want so much. But when you finally sit behind the wheel and feel the joy, you know it was worth it. No matter if the car is brand new, or not, you will love it and take care of it as best as you can.

Of course, one of the problems on our car can be some kind of a failure. It cost us money and nerves. But even bigger or we can say the possibly biggest problem of all are car accidents. If a car accident was not to serious, and the damage was not so big, that things are back to normal in a very short period of time, but you have to wonder what if damage in your car after the accident is huge.

 If your car is not insured than you are on your own. But if your car is insured then it can be a lot easier to deal with the damage. Insurance company will have to see the damage and to assess the state of your car. The worst possible situation for drivers and car owners is when the insurance company says that your car is totaled. That is the last thing you want to hear. Let’s explain it a little better.

After a car accident, the insurance company will have to check your car to see the damage. In case that the damage on your car is so big that the repair is too expensive, and then your car will be called totaled. Let me give you a simple example. If your car is worth eight thousand dollars, and the repair for the damage would cost five or six thousand dollars in that case the car is not worth fixing, because it would cost too much money. Usually is the case that the car which is totaled is some a little older model.

The first thing you should to after the car accident is to report this to your insurance company. The car will be transported in a special workshop so the company will be able to see what the damage to the car is. The process of determining the extent of the damage may take some time. Sometimes it’s five or six days, and if the damage is bigger, you can wait up to a month. If the cost of repairing your car is around seventy percent of the market value of the car, then the insurance company will call it a total loss. The determination of damage will be treated differently depending on the cars class, age and condition of your car in general. You should pay attention to this so you can avoid any unpleasant surprises.

If the repair of your car is extremely expensive and if your car after all needed repairs would not be safe to drive, and then it for sure be a total loss.

If you’re wondering whether the insurance company will replace your car with a brand new one, the answer is probably no. Only in the case that your insurance company offers Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage. In every other case you will receive a certain amount of money, and you will be able to buy a new car. If the model of the car you used to have is hard to find, you will have to give your best to find a new one by yourself.

If you find yourself in the situation that insurance company declares your car a total loss, you feel free to ask them everything you want to know. There are some general rules when it comes to car insurance and you always have to keep them in mind. Always try to drive safely and be responsible when you are behind your wheel, so you can avoid any kind of car accidents. If you do find yourself in a situation like that, report that to your insurance company, and they will sort it all out.

One other consideration is who is at fault in the accident. If another driver is at fault, their insurance should pay for your car repairs or for the total loss value….if the other driver has the minimum insurance, which is liability. If you are at fault and you don’t have comprehensive insurance (the kind that covers your repairs and replacement), your options are limited. I would suggest you sell the wrecked vehicle to a junkyard. Many junkyards and salvage yards have a cash for cars program for buying junk cars.


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Get Cash for Your Junk Car Boys!

Hey, here is something I ran into a while back that can be useful, whether you have a car that you can’t license because it won’t pass the inspection or if you need some quick cash. Sell you junk car to a salvage yard. Cash for Junk Cars – 3 Great Ways to Get Cash for Your Clunker Letting go of an old vehicle can be almost heartbreaking. Many car owners will hang onto their first vehicle well beyond the vehicle’s prime. In fact, you may have an old clunker in your yard that hasn’t been started in years. While you may be thinking of restoring your vehicle, there is always something that will get in the way. An unexpected bill, putting off looking for parts or simply lack of time can lead to your vehicle sitting for years. Instead of letting a salvageable vehicle go to waste, you can make some money off of your vehicle. This can be done in a variety of ways. Selling junk cars is the best option and often the easiest.

Note: When selling your junk car to a salvage yard, many times the yard will process it (or recycle it) in an environmentally friendly way. See the video for how this is done.

Cash for Junk Cars

Cash for junk car programs are the best bet for anyone that wants a hassle-free solution to get rid of their vehicle. These programs may recycle the vehicle, donate the vehicle to charity or use the vehicle for parts. Cash for car programs offer a variety of benefits including:

  • Easy scheduling that can be done right online.
  • Cash payments for your vehicle.
  • The company will come and transport the vehicle for free.

All that needs to be done by you is to schedule an appointment to have your car picked up.

Sell the Parts

If you don’t mind putting a little work into making money from your vehicle, you can start stripping the car for parts. If the engine is still good or the body is in good condition, you may be able to sell these parts for money. Online auction sites are a great place to start researching what your vehicle’s parts may cost on the open market.

Salvage Yard

A local salvage yard will take your vehicle and offer cash for it. Every junkyard will offer a different price so it is highly recommended that you shop around for the best price first. Once this is done, you will need to do the following:

  • Find your vehicle’s original title.
  • Remove all belongings from the vehicle.
  • Transport the vehicle to the salvage yard.

You can negotiate the payment given for the vehicle and should try to get a higher price. At the end of the year, you can also ask your accountant if you are eligible to receive a tax deduction if you sold the vehicle at a considerable loss.

Donate the Vehicle

Much like cash for cars, donating will allow you to follow the same exact steps to get rid of your vehicle. The only difference is that you will not receive cash. Instead, you will be able to donate the vehicle and take advantage of a generous tax write-off.

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My Car is a Piece of Junk

My car is a piece of junk. What do I do?

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Guys Need to Know……

I will be posting a lot in the coming days. Mostly, my posts will be about stuff that guys need to know. I have lots of thoughts and questions about various things. I do research and find answers; so why let all of the research and work go to waste? I will post the information and hopefully it will help some of you guys that need the information or at least save you some time in discovering the answer.

Here are the typical items I will be talking about:

  • Fitness
  • Cars
  • Home Improvement
  • Golf
  • Relationships
  • Beer and Whiskey (or Whisky if you prefer Scotch)
  • Fashion….probably not
  • Outdoor Fun

This isn’t all encompassing but it’s a good start. Adios.

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